Serviceau is offering the best quality water, healthier with great taste and safe to drink at an affordable price. We offer many quality systems that are suited to your specifics needs. Our systems require minimum maintenance and avoids use of harsh chemicals. Always thinking of the environment by maximizing the performance of our equipment. Our guarantee is the best on the market and our customer service is incomparable. We will satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations. Water Analysis, water treatment systems, installation services, reliability after sale, maintenance and repairs. Water is our passion!


Our business started in 2007 to filled a big lack in specialised services in water purification in commercial, hospital and residential applications. Our different prior experience allowed us to acquire the knowledge and ability to perform in that field. Being an unknown domain, it is very important to be well informed and guided to take the best decision. Our expertise allow us to stand out in the domain and to be recognized as a leader in the market.


The analysis of your water is the first important step to be informed on the potability of your water. Our experts can take care of your water analysis as well as your bacteriological tests. Serviceau can propose many different systems which will satisfy all your water needs as well as respecting your budget. We are offering a variety of product lines for residential, commercial and hospital use supported by the best warranty in the industry. You have the problem, we have the solution!


Each person consumes near 1000 liters of water each day on the island of Montreal not counting the leaks on the distribution branches that goes up to 40%. If we are talking about a residential well, the consumption goes down about 200 to 400 liters per day. This water must be mandatory be good quality for your hygiene and for your health. Serviceau offers a range of water treatments that you really need. Simple softening, automatic filtration, sediment filter, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. We sale, evaluate, analyse, do the conception, installation, start up and training are available on all systems.


Nicolas Mc Fadden

Water purification technician and consultant

Completion of professional study in water treatment processes

Patrice Mc Fadden

Expert purification, project management, Director and Chairman of Serviceau since 2007

Over 22 years experience in pure water system

Dean Pinheiro

Expert in water purification

More than 18 years of experience in pure water system application