For many applications, softened water is required for the proper operation of equipments. Hard water can create lime scale and in the case of reverse osmosis feeding it can greatly reduce the efficiency and life expectancy of the membranes. Suitable Applications: boiler, reverse osmosis pre treatment, glass cleaning, laundry, sterilization and general establishments feeding. Commercial equipment with an operating rate of 10 to 250 gallons per minute.

The reverse osmosis filtration is widespread in many areas. This system produces water of high purity rejecting salts, minerals, contaminants, several types of suspended solids and dissolved including most bacteria. The principle of reverse osmosis is to apply a water pressure through semi-permeable membranes that filter in a proportion of 0.005 micron. The product is pure water of exceptional quality. The impurities are discharged to the drain. For more information, call your Serviceau specialist for all your needs.

Whether you are searching for a commercial, hospital or pharmaceutical system, we have the know how to recommend the equipment tailored for your exact needs and specifications. This may include equipment such as: blending valve, pressure regulating valve, water softener, active carbon filter, pre filtration, reverse osmosis, de-ioniser, ultrafiltration and final filters. We also offer many services for your systems such as: sanitization of tank and loop, reverse osmosis sanitization (high and low ph) preventive maintenance contracts, equipment installation, training and repairs on your systems. Our hourly rates are very competitive If you have questions concerning our services or products please do not hesitate to contact us.