If your water contains a high amount of calcium and magnesium which makes hard water, a water softener can meet your needs. A softener allows you can avoid many problems of your household appliances such as dishwasher, washing machine. These devices contain small openings that can clog limestone and reduce their effectiveness. Your hot water tank may have an important scale build up that can reduce by 30% its effectiveness and your house’s plumbing can also deteriorate irreversibly. Hard water greatly reduces the foaming effect of all soap what can save you a lot of money by installing a water softener. Soft water is also very appreciated in the shower leaving your skin softer and healthier.

You have dark or rusty stains inside the toilet bowls and sinks. Your white clothes are losing their brightness, turning yellow or discolored may indicate excessive levels of iron or manganese. Or you have unpleasant smells commonly called “rotten egg smell” is an indication of the presence sulfur which can also cause damage the entire piping of your home. Furthermore, if your water contain suspended particles it may indicate presence of organic matters which is readily removed by a tannin filter. Serviceau offers a wide  range of automatic filters perfect for all these situations without the use of harmful chemicals to the environment. To correct the problems caused by excessive levels of iron, manganese, or by the presence of sulfur in the water, turned to Serviceau !

There are a wide variety of cartridge filters to address different problems. such as sediment, particles , sand, chlorine, taste and odor in water. According to the application we can use automatic filters or filter simply with replacement cartridges. We offer pre filtration cartridges for all the applications. There are also many applications for the activated carbon like improving the taste by removing chlorine, odors, taste and organics . Whether to remove particles or harmful constituents in the water or to protect special equipment in an industry, the cartridge filter is often a preferred solution . Here are the main models.

This simple and economic system produces water of high purity for consumption. The principle of reverse osmosis is simple and safe. Firstly, the water is filtered form its particles then passes through 2 activated carbon cartridge filter which removes chlorine and sediment. Thereafter passes through a semi-permeable membrane filter and remove minerals, salts, harmful contaminants and metals. The pores are around 0.005 microns = 5×10-6. The product is only pure water of exceptional quality. The impurities are discharged to the drain. The water produced is stored in a pressure tank and it will pass through a post-activated carbon filter before being used. No more needs to buy water bottles and hello savings! Did you know that approximately 24% of large brands of bottled water comes directly from municipal water source? And that more than half uses a reverse osmosis process for their distributed water. Just go see the label on these water bottles. Call your Serviceau specialist.

In some extreme cases, a chlorination system may be necessary if the presence of certain contaminants such as iron , manganese, sulfur or coliforms are present at higher levels . The process requires chlorine injection, thereafter a sufficient contact time for the oxidation of the contaminants takes place then removed by a filter with active carbon. These systems are generally used when the water source comes from surface water, lake or river.

Water sterilization units by ultraviolet are one of the best disinfection systems eliminating viruses and bacteria such as E-coli. The operating principle is the genetic modification of the DNA of those making it impossible for their proliferation. Several advantages are connected to the units such as performance, reliability, easy operation and minimum energy consumption. Other advantages of these systems is that it does not change the chemistry of the water and its properties such as the pH , taste , smell and color.

In general, water that is found naturally or in a well is at a base a natural solvent and sometimes can have some characteristic like being sulphurous, ferrous, containing calcium and magnesium. Theses contaminants can change its taste, odor or its color. Also it can contains other chemical product like pesticide and fertilizer. These elements can be determined with a physical chemical test. Even if the water looks or smells good it doesn’t mean it’s a safe water to consume. It can also contain microorganisms or bacteria that can harm your family. A bacteriological analysis is strongly recommended to ensure acceptable water according to potable water standards. The treatment is not always necessary, but often required. Be reassuring and let us do the necessary tests to ensure the protection of your family.  Even municipal water often contains an excess of chlorine that makes it unpleasant to drink and can contain calcium deposits outside the norms.